Billing Solutions

accuBill Billing Solutions is a comprehensive service offering that couples traditional print and mail with electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). accuBill is unique in that it offers an enterprise level billing solution to small, mid-size and large businesses.  accuBill does not require the purchase of software or equipment.  You simply provide the data and we manage the rest of the process.

Our out of the box application is a cost effective billing solution for companies needing a branded EBPP website with little customization. For companies that require a more customized billing solution, we can tailor the application to fit specific requirements.  This is where accuBill sets itself apart

accuBill uses the latest billing technology including document composition, variable printing, intelligent inserting and mailing, and multi-channel delivery.

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Print & Mail

SPM Document Solutions allows your customer to receive their statement or invoice via print and mail by default.  You will have the option to print your statements, black and white, spot color or full color.  In most cases mailing of invoices can be guaranteed on the same or next day.  

Electronic Delivery

Electronic delivery allows your customers to receive their statement or invoice quicker, while saving on paper and printing costs.  Electronic delivery also allows you to eliminate the hefty postage costs associated with First Class mail. When a document is processed, an email notification is sent to your customers. A link within the message can direct the customer to a login page where they may log in securely to view the document.  Alternatively, a document may be attached to the email notification. 

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Technology that allows a computer to interact with the customer through the use of voice and Telephone key tones input via keypad.  The system can be configured to call the customer as well.


A customer may select to receive an invoice or statement by fax.

SMS Text

A customer may select to receive an invoice or statement by SMS Text.  The text will contain the invoice amount and a link to the bill pay website.  The customer may also set up the text so that the customer may confirm a payment without logging into the actual billpay website.

The accuBill™ EBPP is a custom branded portal that allows your customer to view and pay invoices and review payments.  Because it is customizable, the customer portal will feature your logo and may be designed to maintain the look and feel of your corporate website.  Your customer will be blind to who manages the application.  This gives you a powerful tool to build your brand and maintain loyalty.  EBPP will take your collections to the next level by encouraging your customer to pay quickly online, directly after reviewing their invoice. Receiving payments online reduces the time it takes to receive payments through the mail and reduces overall processing costs.

Client Portal
SPM Document Solutions’ accuBill™ client portal provides a single access point for all client interactions with the ability to upload statement files, approve proofs, monitor production statuses, run reports and queries, and provide customer support.

SPM Document Solutions is a high volume digital print provider, with the capacity to handle your job with same day turnaround times. Our experienced staff and unparalleled customer service will exceed your expectations. We offer black and white, highlight color and full color options for digital printing. The use of full color will allow you turn your dull statement or invoice into an impactful marketing tool. Full color can be applied to an entire document, only to the first page, or as a marketing insert that is personalized to your customer.

Mail Preparation and Intelligent Insertion

In the age of HIPPA, FACTA and Gramm–Leach–Bliley Privacy Requirements, your organization cannot afford to compromise your customer’s private information. We utilizes strict protocols and trained employees with the latest technologies to prepare print for mailing to insure against compromises. “Intelligent insertion” is used by tracking barcodes printed on each piece of print to control the mail inserting process. 2D barcodes insure that each piece of print goes in an envelope is intended for its recipient. We also utilize multiple counts to verify the number of pages inserted and pieces mailed.

Postage is one of the single biggest expenditures for a company’s accounts receivable departments. If your customer chooses not to receive their communications electronically, we can still help you reduce your mailing costs. With advanced software, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we will help you save money through all available postal discounts and consult with you on other ways to reduce your postage costs.

The key to effective communication with your customer starts with a well designed statement, bill or invoice. These communications are invaluable touch points with your customers for revenue collection and to provide information. SPM Document Solutions can help you design a document that will better educate your customer and serve as a powerful marketing instrument. By understanding your objectives and existing content, we can provide a customized layout that can reduce days receivables, increase revenue, increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty. Let our staff of talented graphic designers assist you in delivering and effective message.

accuBill™ can be integrated with most accounting systems. We have developed a special integration with QuickBooks to allow the user to upload invoices to be printed and transmitted to customers. We have developed a special application to allow the QB user to batch upload invoices on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Once payments are received, a special file may be provided for upload into your accounting system to create deposits and receive payments against paid invoices. accuBill™ works with:

MS Dynamics GP
Sage 50
And more….

Provide customers with greater convenience, flexibility, and cost savings.
Allow customers to access their account and make a payment online at any time.
Customers can pay online or mail in their payment, however an e-Bill may arrive instantaneously and in some case, 2-5 days sooner than mail.
Allow customers to “op-out” of paper billing.
Promote Green practices for Consumers and other Businesses
Electronic Billing is a value-added feature that helps build customer loyalty retention.
An e-bill is an HTML based communication delivered directly to the user. Through customization and personalization, the e-mail can provide an excellent opportunity to cross-sell or provide information to customers about other products or offers.
Create additional touch points with customers that create new CRM and marketing opportunities.
Linking to the payment portal on your website is a good way to increase customer traffic and interest in your corporate website.
Transactional email is excluded from all Do Not Call and Do Not Mail lists. The marketing offers have wider and deeper reach and are therefore more effective than marketing campaigns because they are included inside the bill (which the customer obviously wants to see) and not as a separate document.
Cost Savings

Low implementation cost and pay-per-use pricing make it an affordable option for all types of businesses.
By removing paper, printing, mailing and manual processing; your operating costs can be reduced by between 65-85%, with minimal capital outlay.
Reduce costs of traditional statement or invoice delivery by eliminating postage and print
Reduce cost of payment processing by eliminating lock box costs and, or resources dedicated to posting payments.
Decrease days receivables dramatically by 7-21 days.
E-bills can be paid securely with more than 50% of customers choosing to pay within two days of receiving the e-Bill.
Minimize customer service costs.