Cross Media Marketing

Cross-media dental marketing offers marketers a multidimensional approach to reach their potential patient base. Cross-media dental marketing allows dental marketers to reach their ideal patient with a personalized, individual approach through the use of multiple media channels. A more targeted approach is executed through personalized messages based on specific demographic information, resulting in a unique experience. This multi-faceted approach brings your targets through a common gate where their responses are tracked for current and future opportunities. SPM Document Solutions can help you increase response rates while building a strong relationship with your exact target market.

Cross Media Marketing Elements

  1. Direct Mail. The Cross-Media begins most often with a direct mail piece. The mail piece is most often personalized with information collected from marketing lists. Often, these marketing lists are appended with data that can further customize the piece based on age, gender, marital status or other demographic information.
  2. Email. Email is a key component of the cross media marketing campaign. It can be used as the primary contact channel or simply a follow up to a print piece. With the introduction of mail tracking, email delivery can be coordinated to coincide with mail delivery or sent in response to a patients action, to reinforce a marketing message.
  3. QR Codes. QR or Quick Response Codes are becoming more and more common in marketing today. They provide an avenue to integrate the power and functionality of mobile phones with traditional print media. By scanning the QR code, the patient is automatically directed to your mobile-optimized web landing page. The contact is recorded and the user is presented with the content they are seeking.
  4. GURLS. GURL stands for Generic URL. The GURL leads to a campaign landing page that is not personalized, but rather generic to the campaign. It is perfect for print or billboard advertising. An example would be:
  5. PURLS. PURL stands for Personalized URL. Instead of providing a GURL or a standard URL, you can provide a PURL, and identify your patient by name and track their behavior. You can also tailor your message to the demographic profile of the particular patient. An example of a purl would be: or
  6. Mobile Text Messaging (SMS). If your database contains mobile numbers, part of your media campaign can be sent to prospects via SMS. These contacts may be marketing messages, appointment reminders or birthday wishes.
  7. Social Media. More and more in our digital word, Social Media is not just a buzzword, but an effective channel for delivering your specific dental marketing message. Across generations and demographics, adoption of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is exploding. Integrating social media into your dental marketing message will help a marketer spread their message and grow your dental brand organically, in a lasting way. As your patients respond or view your offer, they are encouraged to share your offer with their friends. Building a Social Media presence has lasting effect, as people “Like” your page, you increasingly broaden your marketing base.
  8. Landing Pages. The common element to the Cross-Media marketing campaign is the internet landing page. The landing page, as with print and other digital marketing channels, can be personalized to the particular patient. All marketing channels, including direct mail, email, SMS or social media can be brought together by a common mechanism. The landing page is typically a contact form to record specific detail of the patient.
  9. Mail Tracking. Through the use the USPS IMB barcode, all mail can be tracked from acceptance to delivery. This information is critical to Cross Media Marketing, so that a marketer can coordinate additional events or touch points based on mail delivery.
  10. Call Tracking. Utilize unique, local, or toll free telephone numbers to track the success of your marketing efforts. A unique number can be displayed on different versions of print, e-mail, landing pages, your website or even individual pay-per-click ads. Online reporting provides real-time statistics on who calls you in response to your different marketing materials. The data you collect will be invaluable in judging the success of your marketing efforts.
  11. Campaign Analysis. The secret to Cross-Media marketing is the intelligence that it lends to the process. It allows for coordination of your touch points with the patient, identifies potential patients through contact tracking, and provides invaluable “hot leads” to sales people to complete sales with their most interested patients.
  12. Dashboard. With our unique platform, the dentist has complete visibility to mail tracking on the mail piece level. The dentist also has visibility of the individual contacts and responses from print, e-mail, social media. With your dashboard it will be easy to see who is responding or interacting with your message.