Direct Mail Services

Our direct mail services provide everything you need to achieve marketing success. Our turnkey solution for direct mail includes: strategy, mailing lists, data processing, creative design, print production, mailing, and campaign management. We can also incorporate email marketing for a cross media marketing approach. Our experienced staff is ready to provide cost effective solutions that are focused on your ROI.

Direct mail marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing tools for organizations both large and small. Thousands of companies use direct mail to drive web traffic, generate new sales leads and attract new business.

Direct mail marketing will grab the attention of your prospective customer and convey a message that resonates with the customer.  Whether it’s a basic postcard or cross media marketing approach using direct mail, email and website, we employ the latest technologies to maximize your marketing budget.

Make it Personal. Direct mail pieces that have been personalized increase prospective customer response rates.  Let us show you how to leverage the information in your database to print customer specific messages.

These can range from using your recipients name in a graphic, printing a special message to a recipient new to the area, or printing a custom graphic that drives home a personalized message. The use of PURL’s (personalized URL’s) and QR codes will help to direct your prospective customer to unique personalized websites.  Additionally, the PURL and QR code allows you to measure the success of your campaign and help identify those recipients that are most receptive to your message.

Each mail piece can be unique, customized and relevant to each customer and their needs. Through the use of a targeted message, full color digital technology and high quality paper, you can communicate an impactful message to every recipient on your mailing list.  

Personalization and Relevancy = Better Conversion and ROI

Customer Data and Lists. Begin by gathering your own customer data from your internal database.  To personalize your direct mail, we take your database and append valuable data that will allow you to personalize the message based on a variety of criteria such as age, home ownership, length of residence, children, and even personal interests.

Over time, as you build your database and gather more information, you will have an invaluable business asset that will translate into real sales.  If you do not have data, or are hoping to add more, we can assist you in building a list with select criteria matching your ideal customer.

Creative Design.   Direct mail marketing works best when it’s creative.  When designed properly, direct mail promotions can help your business grow and generate sales. When designed poorly, your campaign may fail miserably as prospective customers discard your mail piece into the trash.

Though you may save money upfront by attempting graphic design yourself, you are costing yourself sales and opportunities, which are far more money than you are saving.  Our creative design staff can assist you in designing an effective mail piece to meet your campaign needs.   Most customers are surprised to learn how simple and cost-effective it is to get started.

Graphic design is the delivery mechanism for the message you offer to your target market.  A message informs, but design is the force that attracts first, and then delivers the message. If your design does not effectively convey your message, you are wasting time and money.

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