Printing & Mailing Services

Our printing and mailing services will save your organization time, money on postage and personnel costs.  Our innovative print and mail solutions will improve your internal processes by applying our printing and mailing experience, proven methods, stringent quality controls and impeccable customer service standards to every project.

Our printing and mailing services allow you to focus on your core business, while maintaining control of the process.  Through our accuBill™ web portal, you can proof samples prior to mailing, track the progress of your job at anytime during the process and view real-time reports.

Using SPM Document Solutions will guarantee that your statements, invoices, checks and other communications will be prepared and delivered more efficiently, accurately and economically than ever before.

  • Save Money – Reduce your cost to print and mail your communications. Reduce postage and personnel costs. Increase cash flow by reducing the time from delivery to collection.
  • Control - Use accuBill’s tools to proof samples, track progress and view reports
  • Guaranteed Turnaround – Your job is guaranteed to be completed by the end of the next business day.
  • Custom Document Design – SPM Document Solutions will assist in developing a well designed document with the option of Usage Charts (bar, pie, etc), custom messaging and dynamic formats that more effectively communicate and engage your customers.
  • Address Changes – We utilize USPS NCOALink to update your address database and provide those changes back to you.
  • Security and Quality Control – Data is transmitted and stored securely. Each mail piece is assigned a data matrix barcode that is used to track the piece throughout the production cycle. This insures that there are no pieces double stuffed or that have missing pages.
  • Secure Data Upload – We provide the option to submit your data via secure FTP, XML, or through the accuBill™ Portal.
  • Multi-channel Delivery -. Document may be mailed traditionally or delivered electronically based on customer preferences.
  • Online Presentment: You and your customers may log into the accuBill™ portal to view statements and invoices.
  • Online Payment – Your customer may view and pay bill through our secure online accuBill™ payment portal.
  • Inserts and Coupons – You may select the option to include marketing materials such as informational inserts, coupons, letters
  • Mail Tracking - An intelligent mail barcode is applied to each piece of outgoing mail, which is scanned throughout the USPS Process. On inbound pieces, the barcode offers the security of knowing exactly where orders and payments are and when you can expect them. Using the accuBill™ Portal, the customer can track the progress of individual pieces of mail.
  • Pre-Printed Form Procurement
  • Simplex or Duplex
  • Color options – Black and White, Spot Color, or Full Color
  • Stapling
  • 3-Hole Punching
  • Binding
  • Invoices
  • Checks
  • Statements
  • Utility Bills
  • Bank and Credit Union Statements
  • Reports
  • Fliers
  • Tax Statements
  • Tax Appraisal Notices
  • Voter Registration Cards
  • Credit Related Documents
  • Tax Forms (1099, 1098 and W-2’s)
  • Personalized Letters
  • Solicitation Letters
  • Marketing Letters
  • Medical Billing
  • Credit Reports