Return Mail Processing

Are you suffering from the weight of undeliverable mail, address changes, business reply mail and product registrations?  You are not alone. Thousands of companies do not have consistent or reliable methods to address this growing problem.  

SPM Document Solutions has proven return mail processing and business reply processing solutions that can address your specific needs.  

Did you know that by not addressing the problem, you are costing yourself money, creating customer relationship challenges and forgoing sales and marketing opportunities?  Our solutions pay for themselves. 

We can provide you with batch files to update your database or we may enter the data directly into your system.  We will automate the process and you can and rely on our trained data entry staff for the rest.

We can also assist you by designing your forms to allow for automation, efficiency and to reduce the cost.


Every undeliverable piece is a waste of both postage and production costs. Maintain a high quality mailing list by removing bad addresses and updating address changes.  We will provide you with database updates that will either prevent you from mailing to bad addresses or provide address updates as provided by the USPS.

  • Change of Addresses
  • Undeliverable Addresses 
  • Merge/Purge Processing

SPM Document Solutions can provide processing for projects involving large volumes of inbound customer response forms. We will set up a PO Box to receive the mail for your project and pick it up daily for processing. Some applications may include:

Marketing Surveys
Warranty Cards
Business Reply Cards & Envelopes
Mail-in Registrations
Business Reply Cards
Courtesy Reply Cards
Mail Receipt
Metered Reply Mail
White Mail Processing
Forms Processing